What we do and why we do it

Bloom customizes rigorous planning processes to meet client needs and delivers high-quality, accessible products to promote purposeful change and social good. We partner to make the possible actual.

Our Core Team

Who we are and our expertise 

Ingrid Boucher

Founder & Principal

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Katy Tipson  

Operations Manager & Research Associate

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Ilana Valinsky  

Director of Client Services & Associate Consultant

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Our Collaborators

Our Content Specialists

Kevin Hartnett

Analyst & Writer

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Alyssa Matteucci

Research Analyst

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Deborah Stern

School Design

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Kate Hayes Hoffman

Content Specialist

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Chelsea Nilsson

Curriculum Development

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Brett Shiel

Strategy Development

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Sheilah Kavaney

School Finance & Staffing

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Claire Robertson-Kraft

Human Capital & Metrics

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Shawna Wells

Leadership Development

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Our unique value proposition

Bloom embraces the necessary tension between process and outcomes. Thoughtful relationships and creative tension make desired outcomes possible. Ultimately we believe only honest, determined planning efforts – supported by strong, mission-oriented relationships – make organizations operationally ready for the change to which they aspire.

At Bloom we view every client project as a partnership. To that partnership, both our planners and our clients bring deep experience in their fields. We provide active, expert guidance that leverages this experience to nurture change and growth as well as to empower clients’ realization of their missions in fuller, more effective action.

We build these relationships through trust. Bloom planners have proven records of successful work with organizations that are committed to purposeful work and change. Our method emphasizes thoughtful, engaged planning, beginning with our very first conversations with prospective clients. 


What we will not violate in the service of our mission

Professionalism & Authenticity: Our practice engages every client relationship with professionalism. Additionally, we never compromise our authenticity, honesty, and independent voice to help clients realize their mission.

Expertise & Continuous Improvement: Our core team brings seasoned expertise in education and organizational planning, and draws support from a cadre of content specialists. At the same time, we are deeply committed to continuous improvement and to learning from each client.

Partnership & Independence: We are committed to creating strong partnerships with clients, which are grounded in an understanding of each organization’s individual needs and aspirations. We aim to leave clients in positions of organizational strength and independence, building capacity, not dependency.

Gravity & Levity: We take our work seriously because our clients do serious work. We also believe deeply that levity facilitates the challenging work of progress and change.